Teens’ translation – Khemā Therī 6.3

While crafting the translation for this poem an alternate reading occurred to me that others have since called the hipster kids’ poem. (Suggestions for improvement are welcome)

139. “You: young and beautiful
I myself: a young man;
Our five senses: the instruments –
Come, Kemā, let’s enjoy music together!”

140. “This putrid body: miserable, flimsy –
Done with it! Harassed by it! 
Desire for sensual pleasure: eliminated!

141. Sensual pleasures: axes and spears 
Mind & body*: their chopping block
Delight in sensual pleasures: now no fun at all.

142. Enjoyment: killed at every level, 
the mass of darkness: destroyed; 
You the Terminator: defeated, humiliated! 

143. Purification for fools:
worship those stars,
keep those woodfires going,
keep missing ultimate truth.

144. Now me: worshipping the Awakened One
the best ever, periodt.
Also now me: Suffering finished!
I did what he taught!”