The Book of the Sixes

6.5 Anopamā Therī

Named “Incomparable”, before she met the Blessed One and did a pivot, her beauty made her worth far more than her weight…in WHAT?!

“Ucce kule ahaṁ jātā,
bahuvitte mahaddhane;
Vaṇṇarūpena sampannā,
dhītā majjhassa atrajā.

151. I came from a preeminent family
Prosperous and wealthy
Endowed with fine complexion and figure
Truly I was the daughter of Megha.

Patthitā rājaputtehi,
seṭṭhiputtehi gijjhitā;
Pitu me pesayī dūtaṁ,
detha mayhaṁ anopamaṁ.

152. Sons of kings sought me
Sons of millionaires craved me
One even messaged my father:
“Give me Anopamā!

Yattakaṁ tulitā esā,
tuyhaṁ dhītā anopamā;
Tato aṭṭhaguṇaṁ dassaṁ,
hiraññaṁ ratanāni ca.

153. However much she weighs –
Your daughter, the Incomparable –
Eight times that much I’ll give you
In raw gold and precious gems!”

Sāhaṁ disvāna sambuddhaṁ,
lokajeṭṭhaṁ anuttaraṁ;
Tassa pādāni vanditvā,
ekamantaṁ upāvisiṁ.

154. Yet I saw the Awakened One,
Foremost in the world, unsurpassed!
Having paid homage at his feet
I sat to one side.

So me dhammamadesesi,
anukampāya gotamo;
Nisinnā āsane tasmiṁ,
phusayiṁ tatiyaṁ phalaṁ.

155. He taught me the Dhamma –
Gotama himself – in compassion;
Sitting on that very seat
I reached the third fruit.1

Tato kesāni chetvāna,
pabbajiṁ anagāriyaṁ;
Ajja me sattamī ratti,
yato taṇhā visositā”ti.

156. Cutting my hair
I went forth to homelessness;
This is the seventh day
Since my craving dried up.

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