The Book of the Sixes

6.4 Sujātā Therī

This young woman delighted in a festive day, but on the way home, felt inexplicably drawn towards a building hidden in the woods…

“Alaṅkatā suvasanā,
mālinī candanokkhitā;

Looking glamorous, decked out in my finest,
Donning garlands of flowers, potent with sandalwood
Absolutely dripping with gold & jewels
And surrounded by my girls,

Annaṁ pānañca ādāya,
khajjaṁ bhojjaṃ anappakaṁ;
Gehato nikkhamitvāna,

Bringing food & drinks
Everything – entrees to desserts – in abundance,
I took off from the house
Headed to the entertainment park.

Tattha ramitvā kīḷitvā,
āgacchantī sakaṁ gharaṁ;
Vihāraṁ daṭṭhuṁ pāvisiṁ,
sākete añjanaṁ vanaṁ.

Had a great time hanging out and playing
Then on the way home
Near Sāketa Town, in Añjana Woods,
I saw and felt drawn into a monastery.

Disvāna lokapajjotaṁ,
vanditvāna upāvisiṁ;
So me dhammamadesesi,
anukampāya cakkhumā.

Finding the light of the world,
I paid homage and sat to one side;
In compassion the one with penetrative vision
Taught me the Dhamma.

Sutvā ca kho mahesissa,
saccaṁ sampaṭivijjhahaṁ;
Tattheva virajaṁ dhammaṁ,
phusayiṁ amataṁ padaṁ.

On hearing the great holy man
I penetrated the truth
Right there – the pure Dhamma!
The deathless state touched.

Tato viññātasaddhammā,
pabbajiṁ anagāriyaṁ;
Tisso vijjā anuppattā,
amoghaṁ buddhasāsanan”ti.

Then knowing the true Dhamma
I went forth into homelessness.
Attained is the Triple Knowledge;
Effective is the Buddha’s teaching!