The Book of the Sixes

6.8 Vijayā Therī

After gaining a comprehensive Dhamma teaching from a wise bhikkhuni (elsewhere identified as her close friend in lay-life, Arahant Khemā), Vijayā gained victory over her disturbed mind, to attain the highest goal.

Catukkhattuṁ pañcakkhattuṁ,
vihārā upanikkhamiṁ;
Aladdhā cetaso santiṁ,
citte avasavattinī.

Four times, maybe five
I quit the monastery
Never gaining peace of heart
My mind out of control.

Bhikkhuniṁ upasaṅkamma,
sakkaccaṁ paripucchahaṁ;
Sā me dhammamadesesi,
dhātuāyatanāni ca.

Having approached a bhikkhuni
I respectfully interrogated her.
She pointed out to me the Dhamma –
(Four) elements, (six) sense bases

Cattāri ariyasaccāni,
indriyāni balāni ca;
Bojjhaṅgaṭṭhaṅgikaṁ maggaṁ,
uttamatthassa pattiyā.

Four noble truths
(Five) faculties & powers
(Seven) enlightenment factors and eightfold path –
To attain the highest goal.

Tassāhaṁ vacanaṁ sutvā,
karontī anusāsaniṁ;
Rattiyā purime yāme,

Having listened to her words
Doing her instruction…
In the first of the night:
Past-life recollection.

Rattiyā majjhime yāme,
dibbacakkhuṁ visodhayiṁ;
Rattiyā pacchime yāme,
tamokhandhaṁ padālayiṁ.

In the middle of the night:
Divine eye purified.
In the last of the night:
The mass of darkness destroyed.

Pītisukhena ca kāyaṁ,
Pharitvā vihariṁ tadā;
Sattamiyā pāde pasāresiṁ,
Tamokhandhaṁ padāliyā”ti.

Having pervaded this body with bliss and happiness
I then remained there;
On the seventh day I stretched my legs
Having destroyed the mass of darkness.

Chakkanipāto niṭṭhito.

The Book of the Sixes is finished.